Dig a little Deeper!

This page consists of a number of resources to help you solidify and complicate your knowledge of personality and its development.

  1. Current issues in Personality Psychology Journal

    1. This is a series of Open access journal articles that allow you to explore contemporary topics within the field of personality psychology. Use this when you are wanting more specific examples of how personality is measured, what exactly traits are, and what mechanisms are used in the scientific study of personality.
  2. What is Personality? 

      1. This youtube video provides a general overview of what defines personality in the field of psychology. Reference this if you ever lose the thread of what is and isn’t personality. TRUST ME it is more common than you might think.
  3. Open Psychometrics

    1. At open psychometrics you can try out some common measures of personality and other psychological assessments. I will encourage you throughout the course to try some of these out so that we can discuss them! By trying the tests themselves we’ll be better able to talk about their bias, usefulness, and/or complexities.
  4. Adult Attachment Style Quiz

    1. Attachment and temperament are very interesting things and very interconnected with our personality. This is a short quiz designed to let folks know what their adult attachment style may be. After the quiz there is a short (and cheesy) video that tells you a little bit more about what this attachment style might mean in relation to how we connect to others.
  5. Psycho Tests

    1. More personality tests this one includes some projective measures with general readings.